In spring 2020 I took a course where we worked in interdisciplinary teams (students with different majors from the department of informatics). The project was to develop an app that would be based on weather data from the Meteorological Institute. We had to choose between six different cases, and we chose the case “Movement in the sea”.

The product was the application Badeklar where the user gets an overview of nearby bathing places, you can also click on a bathing place to get more information such as temperature in the water, weather, and facilities. We also implemented the ability to store favorite places so that you could adapt the application to your own needs. In addition, we had a setting page that met some requirements in universal design such as: changing the text size and switching between dark mode and light mode.

The focus was on developing a product that responded to the tasks of the Meteorological Institute, we were to cover the need for temperature measurements for the public, but also covered the needs of the users of the application. The project took place at the beginning of the pandemic, which set some limits on how we could carry out the data collection. Based on this, we conducted a survey of over 100 answers from the target group.


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