Childrens museum

In spring 2022, I took the course IN3010: Transformative design, where we worked on designing for transformation. The aim of the project was to collaborate with a cultural institution to explore how the partnership can contribute to the shift from a current state to a more sustainable future. Our partner in this project was Oslo Children's Museum, which organizes the CityKids events at Sentralen in Oslo four-five times a year. The events have the vision to give a hands-on world of experiences that support children's creativity, self-confidence, and desire for learning.

We ended with the exhibition Project the future. Project the Future consists of an overhead projector placed on the floor in the middle of a room. The light is projected on the wall, where a poster of the ocean is hanging. On the poster, there is also a piece of land, with a big orange trash can standing on it. There are transparent cutouts of both animals and waste typically found in the ocean, that the children can put on the overhead projector. When the children approach the projector, some of these cutouts are on the projector, showing animals in a polluted ocean. Surrounding the projection on the wall are speech bubbles asking open-ended questions like “Do the animals like the plastic in the ocean?”, “Where is the waste supposed to go?” and “Where does the plastic in the ocean come from?”. On one side of the room there is a makerspace table where the children can create their own cutouts that they can try to project on the wall.


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