For a group project, we worked on making home authors' working day more motivating and structured. We got three requirements from the professor 1) the interaction should take place without a screen, 2) the Arduino should be a central component, and 3) examine the user group's needs and wishes.

As mentioned, my group chose to focus on a children's book author. After an in-depth interview with the author, we formulated the problem “Can we give a children's book author motivation, via visualization of time to implement daily plans?”. It became clear that it is difficult to maintain a structured everyday life when much of the work is about writing from the home office without very many deadlines. Our solution was Girograf, where the author can enter the desired working hours for the working day. The Girograf also gives a visual overview of the time worked as a motivator, and if the author wants a break, then she can add breaks if desired.

If you want to read more about the project, you can check out the project page here:

Project description
PappRolf Girograf

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